About Guest Housing

  • What is guest housing?
    Guest housing is available to guests of Wayne State University who will have a business affiliation with the university during their stay. Guest housing is also available to guests of current residents in university housing. A limited number of one and two-bedroom apartments are available that can host one to four individuals. All guests must be sponsored by Wayne State University, and verification must be provided.
  • When is guest housing available?
    Guest housing is available year-round on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Where is guest housing located?
    Guest housing is located in the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments and University Tower.


Alternative Guest Housing Options

  • Can you recommend some nearby apartments which I can rent?
    No. The guest housing coordinator does not have off-campus apartment information.
  • Can you recommend some available nearby hotels?
    Yes. Listed below are a few suggested hotels in and around Detroit. All listed prices are subject to change. Be sure to ask if a WSU discount is available.

    Atheneum Hotel
    1000 Brush Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48226
    (800) 772-2323
    Located in Greektown
    2.4 miles from campus

    Hotel St. Regis
    3071 W Grand Blvd.
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 873-3000
    .7 miles from campus

    Courtyard Marriott
    333 East Jefferson
    Detroit, MI 48226
    (313) 222-7700
    3.6 miles from campus
    Located across from the Renaissance Ctr.

    Inn on Ferry Street
    84 E. Ferry
    Detroit, MI 48202
    (313) 871-6000
    Recommended hotel - located a few blocks from campus; shuttle service available
    .5 miles from campus

    Hilton Garden Inn
    351 Gratiot Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48226
    (313) 424-1262
    2.2 miles from campus

    Marriott Renaissance Center
    100 Renaissance Center
    Detroit, MI 48243
    (313) 568-8000
    3.9 miles from campus

    Holiday Inn Express
    1020 Washington Blvd.
    Detroit, MI 48226
    (313) 887-7000
    2.8 miles from campus

    Omni Detroit Hotel at River Place
    1000 River Place
    Detroit, MI 48207
    (313) 259-9500
    4.4 miles from campus

  • Can you find me a roommate?
    Unfortunately, WSU does not offer a roommate service for guest housing. You may, however, find your roommate, but only one person may sign the contract. The name(s) and gender(s) of the roommate(s) must appear on the contract before check-in.

Making a reservation

  • How do I create a reservation for guest housing?
    Contact the guest housing coordinator either by email (ab0227@wayne.edu) or by phone (313-577-7869) to check on guest housing availability. Requests must be submitted at least two full business days before arrival. You are strongly advised to reserve a guest unit as soon as possible since guest apartments have limited availability. Your request must be in writing and must contain the following information: Exact check-in/check-out dates Names and genders of all guests, email address of guest who will sign the contract and documentation indicating affiliation with WSU
  • When will I receive a confirmation?
    Reservations will be confirmed by email as soon as the proof of affiliation, the signed contract and payment has been received. It is recommended that you bring your confirmation email with you at check-in.

Changing/canceling a reservation

Rates and Payment

  • Can I pay when I check-in?
    No. The completed and signed contract, and full payment is due within five business days of making a reservation. After five days, if the contract and payment have not been received, your reservation will be canceled.
  • How do I make the payment?
    Payment is made online. The guest unit coordinator will email you the payment link along with payment instructions. Payment can be made by personal check or by credit card. A service fee applies to all credit card transactions.
  • Are there any discounts available?
  • Rates for guest housing are discounted for stays that exceed three consecutive nights.


  • What will I find in a guest unit?
    All guest units are air-conditioned and fully furnished. Guest units include a refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishes, cookware, utensils, iron, ironing board, bed, couch, chair, dining area, end tables, lamps, and a television. Guest units also come with pillows, towels, and linens. However, guests are responsible for cleaning the apartment throughout their stay. Towels and linens will be replaced once a week as long as no personal items are on the bed. Toiletries/soaps are not included. Vacuuming will be completed once per week as long as no personal items are on the floor.
  • Can I see a picture of a guest unit?
    Some guest unit pictures are available. Contact the guest housing coordinator.
  • Is there a laundry room?
    Yes.  Residence facilities are equipped with a laundry room(s).  Download the PayRange app, add funds, and then swipe payment to activate a washer or dryer.  If you prefer, you can still choose to pay with coins.  Laundry detergent is not available. 
  • What is in the kitchen?
    All guest apartments include a refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishes, cookware, utensils, iron, and ironing board.
  • Is internet access available?
    WSU-Public is a Wi-Fi network designed for Wayne State guests and visitors and is available across campus.  To connect to WSU-Public:  1.  In the wireless internet options of your computer or mobile device, select SSID (network name) WSU-Public.  Launch a web browser.  The WSU-Public login should appear automatically.  If not, enter a URL to see the WSU-Public login page.  3.  Review the terms of use and click login.  Click take me to the internet, and you are connected.  Note:  The network is available to the public, but the use is subject to certain restrictions. 
  • Are smoking apartments available?
    No. WSU is a smoke and tobacco-free campus.
  • Is there a telephone in the guest unit?
    No, there are no telephones in a guest unit.
  • I've lost my key and my access card. Now, what do I do?
    Report the lost key and access card to the front desk of the guest unit housing facility. The fee for a lost card is $20, and the price of a lost key is $150.
  • I like to exercise. Is the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center included in my contract?
    Recreational facilities are not included in your rate. You may bring a copy of your contract to the Recreation and Fitness Center front desk to sign up as a guest.
  • Will anyone else be sharing the guest unit with me?
    No. Only those individuals listed on your contract will have access in addition to university maintenance personnel.
    What if there is a maintenance issue during my stay?
    Contact the front desk of your housing guest unit with your concern to place a work order.


  • Are meals included?
    Meals are not included, however, you are welcome to purchase meals and retail items at the various campus dining locations. Ask the guest housing coordinator for a dining brochure or click here.

Getting Around

  • How do I get to campus?
    Find driving directions to the various campus buildings by locating your destination on the campus map and then use your favorite mapping search engine. Feel free to ask your guest housing coordinator for additional assistance.
  • Is there a campus shuttle?
    Yes. There are free campus shuttles for the main campus and the medical campus. Hours of operation vary by semester. Get more information for all types of transportation options on Wayne State's Transportation page.


  • Is parking included in my stay?
    No, parking is not included with guest housing.  Extended stay parking permits may be purchased by visiting the OneCard Service Center with your building access card and a copy of your contract.  Short term guest parking information can be found on the Parking and Transportation website. Please note that only Parking Structures #2 and #8 are available for overnight parking.
  • What if I get a parking ticket?
    Unfortunately, if you receive a parking ticket, it is your responsibility to take care of it. Parking rules are strictly enforced on campus.
  • What is my mailing address while staying on campus?
    The mailing addresses and telephone numbers for the front desks of each guest housing building are as follows. This information may also be found in your contract and your confirmation email.

    Wayne State University
    Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments
    (Your Name)
    (Your Apartment Number)

    5285 Anthony Wayne Drive
    Detroit, MI  48202

    Wayne State University
    University Tower Apartments
    (Your Name)
    (Your Apartment Number)

    4500 Cass Avenue
    Detroit, MI  48202


  • Where do I go to check-in?
    Check-in at the front desk of your assigned guest housing facility with your confirmation email. You will be given a key and an access card.
  • Is there a check-in and check-out time?
    Yes. Guests are welcomed to check-in after 1:00 p.m. and must check-out no later than 11:00 a.m. The front desk of each guest housing facility is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you wish, your guest unit coordinator will inform the front desk staff if travel plans cause you to check-in/out very late or very early.

Security and Safety

  • Are the buildings secure?
    Wayne State University has many procedures in place to make campus safe and secure, whether you are inside WSU buildings or walking across campus. Housing facilities are restricted to residents, university employees, and registered guests. Your guest access card establishes your affiliation with WSU and is not transferable. Residence halls and apartments are locked 24 hours a day and require an access card for entry. Always lock your door whenever you are leaving your room.