About summer conferences


  • What types of housing accommodations are offered?
    There are three campus residential buildings available to summer conference groups. Yousif B. Ghafari Hall or Leon H. Atchison Hall may accommodate two guests that would share a room that includes two extra-long twin size beds, two desks and closets, a private bath, and air conditioning. Towers Residential Suites are mostly suite-style containing four private bedrooms attached to a shared living space that includes a couch. Also included is a private bath per suite and air conditioning. A limited number of single rooms are available in each building.
  • Are there any single-sex buildings available?
    All buildings are co-ed. We will do our best to segregate the floor by gender, if possible.
  • Are apartments available?
    A limited number of apartments may be available if eligibility requirements are met. Ask the summer conference coordinator if guest apartments are available.
  • Are there room occupancy limits?
    The occupancy of a room may not exceed the capacity of that particular room.
  • Do you have cribs available?
    We are unable to provide guests with cribs.
  • Can I bring my linen or sleeping bag?
    Yes, however, guests sleeping on floors in sleeping bags are prohibited.
  • If I order a linen package, what is included?
    The cost of a linen package is $10 per person. A linen package includes top and bottom sheets, pillow, blanket, bath towel, and a washcloth. The linen package is distributed during check-in. At check-out, please leave your linens in a pile in your room. Additional towels may be pre-ordered at a nominal fee.
  • Is it possible to have exclusive use of a residence hall?
    Our residence halls are designed to be shared. Therefore, a group can't have exclusive use of a residence hall. We make every effort to segregate the floors by group. Gender segregation may also be available with advance notice.
  • Are any ADA rooms available?
    Wayne State University residence halls are all ADA compliant. Please inform us as soon as possible if special accommodations are required.
  • Is smoking permitted?
    WSU has adopted a smoke and tobacco-free policy for all indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Is alcohol permitted in Atchison, Ghafari, or Towers Residential Suites?
    Alcohol is not permitted. This prohibition applies to all visitors and guests regardless of age.
  • Can I bring a pet?
    Pets, other than those required for accessibility assistance, are not permitted.
  • I've lost my key and my access card. Now, what do I do?
    Report the lost key and access card to the front desk of the housing facility. The fee for a lost card is $20 per instance, and the cost of a lost key is $150, which will be added onto the final invoice.
  • I've locked my key inside my room. Now, what do I do?
    If you are unable to find your roommate to let you into your room to retrieve the key, contact the front desk of the housing facility. The fee for a lockout is $20 per instance.
  • What are some of the things I should bring?
    • Clothes hangers
    • Personal hygiene products (i.e., soap, shampoo, toothbrush, hairdryer)
    • Linens/pillow for an extra-long twin bed (if not pre-ordered)
    • Extra bath towel
  • What if there is a maintenance issue during my stay?
    Contact the front desk of your housing facility with your concern to place a work order.
  • What if my access card does not function correctly during my stay?
    Contact the front desk of your housing facility and/or the summer conference coordinator.
  • What is my mailing address while staying on campus?
    The mailing addresses and telephone numbers for the front desks of each summer conference housing building are as follows.

    Wayne State University
    Yousif B. Ghafari Hall
    (Your Name)
    (Your Group's Name)
    (Your Room Number)

    695 Williams Mall
    Detroit, MI  48202

    Wayne State University
    Leon H. Atchison Hall
    (Your Name)
    (Your Group's Name)
    (Your Room Number)

    5110 Anthony Wayne Drive
    Detroit, MI  48202

    Wayne State University
    Towers Residential Suites
    (Your Name)
    (Your Group's Name)
    (Your Room Number)

    655 W. Kirby
    Detroit, MI  48202

  • Are there ice machines in the residence halls?
    There are no ice machines in the residence halls.
  • Can luggage be stored in a residence hall?
    Luggage cannot be stored in a residence hall. The summer conference coordinator and residence hall staff will be happy to work with you to make some other arrangements.
  • Is Internet access available?
    WSU-Public is a Wi-Fi network designed for Wayne State guests and visitors and is available across campus.  To connect to WSU-Public:  1.  In the wireless internet options of your computer or mobile device, select SSID (network name) WSU-Public.  Launch a web browser.  The WSU-Public login should appear automatically.  If not, enter a URL to see the WSU-Public login page.  3.  Review the terms of use and click login.  Click take me to the internet, and you are connected.  Note:  The network is available to the public, but usage is subject to certain restrictions.  
  • Is there a television in the room?
    A television is not in the room. However, there is a television in the first floor community/activity room.
  • Can I request a mini-refrigerator?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have mini-refrigerators.
  • Is there a telephone in the room?
    No, telephones do not come with the room.
  • Is there a laundry room?
    Laundry rooms are provided throughout each facility. Laundry costs $1.50 per wash cycle and $1.50 per dry cycle in a standard sized appliance. In Atchison and Ghafari residence halls, the laundry room is located on the first floor. In Towers Residential Suites, there is a laundry room located on all odd-numbered floors. Machines may be operated using coins or by depositing funds onto the access card to use the laundry facilities. Having funds on the access card must be pre-arranged with your summer conference coordinator.
  • Is daily housekeeping available?
    All rooms are cleaned before arrival, and we are not able to provide daily housekeeping services.
  • Are kitchenettes available?
    Community kitchenettes are located on the third and fifth floors of Atchison and Ghafari Residence Halls, and on the odd-numbered floors in Towers Residential Suites.
  • Is there a recreation facility on campus?
    Unless stipulated in your contract, recreational facilities are not included in your rate. The Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center is available for special group programs. Consult the summer conference coordinator for details.
  • Is there a Lost and Found on campus?
    The Lost and Found Office is located at the Information Desk on the first floor of the Student Center and can be reached at 313-577-0295.

Background check/child safety

  • Our group has participants under the age of 18, what is required?
    The group leadership team that will interact with minors during their stay on campus MUST attend a Child Safety Awareness workshop that is presented by the WSU Department of Internal Audit. The workshop lasts approximately 30 minutes. Your summer conference coordinator will assist you in scheduling this workshop at a convenient time and location. If the group leadership team already attended a similar workshop, documents may be submitted for review to Internal Audit to see if the WSU Child Safety Awareness workshop may be waived. Additionally, adults who will be interacting with minors on university-owned or managed property must receive a criminal background check within six months of check-in. Proof that the background checks have been completed must be submitted to the university before check-in. The summer conference coordinator can provide more details on the requirements and the contract language.


  • What time is check-in? Check-out?
    By contract, we ask for a two to three-hour window of time in which conference delegates may check-in. This is so we can supply a sufficient amount of staff to move participants through the process as quickly as possible. We also ask that all delegates check-out no later than noon on their departure date. Exceptions for flight or bus schedules will be made on a case by case basis.
  • Can conference delegates arrive earlier or stay later than the contracted dates?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to permit conference delegates to stay on campus outside of the contracted dates.
  • Are we able to assign rooms to our delegates?
    You will receive a spreadsheet with the room numbers about a month before check-in. Once you assign the delegates to their rooms, return the spreadsheet to your summer conference coordinator. The completed spreadsheet is due no less than two weeks before the first delegate check-in.
  • Can I make changes to the room roster?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate walk-in attendees. No changes can be made to the delegate roster within two weeks of the first delegate check-in.
  • Can I bring a guest?
    All guests must be registered and paid as part of the summer conference group and listed as a delegate on the conference roster.

Contact us


  • Are we required to sign a contract?
    Each group must sign a contract prepared by your summer conference coordinator. A 50% deposit is required at the time of signing.
  • What guarantees do I need to provide?
    A 50% deposit of the estimated total is due at the time the contract is signed. A guaranteed final count is due fourteen days prior to check-in. The balance of the contracted amount is due the business day prior to check-in.
  • What types of taxes will be included in the contract?
    Organizations that are not exempt from sales tax will have a 6% State of Michigan tax applied to the cost of beds and linens. Sales tax exempt organizations should submit their information to the summer conference coordinator as soon as possible. A 1% Wayne County Stadium tax will be applied to the cost of beds and linens of all organizations, sales tax exempt or not.
  • What happens if I reduce or cancel services?
    If the reduction or cancellation of service takes place before the two week deadline, the final invoice will reflect the reduced amount due. Your group will be charged the full contracted cost if there is a reduction or cancellation of service after the two week deadline.
  • Are meals included?
    Wayne State Dining Services is available to provide meals based on a meal plan, by catering and by having funds placed on the delegates' access cards. The summer conference coordinator will be happy to assist you in developing the best dining program(s) for your group. Vegetarian, Kosher Dairy and special dietary needs can be pre-arranged as well. Ask for a campus dining brochure or click on Campus Dining Options.
  • Does every group require a certificate of insurance?
    In most cases, every group is required to present certificate of liability insurance no less than two weeks prior to check-in. Fees associated with a certificate of insurance are the responsibility of the summer conference group and is not included in your contract. Specific liability amounts are listed in your contract or contact the summer conference coordinator for complete details.

Making a reservation

Parking and transportation

  • Is on-campus parking available?
    The summer conference coordinator will help you arrange for secure parking on campus. Pre-arranged bus parking is also available at a fee of $25 per bus per night. Day guests may park in any unassigned lot or structure. Machines at the entrance gates accept $7.00 by credit card. Cash is not accepted. It will also be necessary to swipe the same credit card upon exit, however, a charge is applied upon entry only. Overnight guests must park in parking structure #2. This structure is open 24/7. The fee for overnight parking is $7.25 per vehicle per night with unlimited entries. This must be pre-arranged through the summer conference coordinator. When arriving for your first night of stay on campus, please check-in at your assigned residence hall to get your access card.
  • . Be sure when entering a parking structure with your access card, to swipe the card on the box marked, "WSU ASSIGNED."
  • How do I access public transportation?
    The summer conference coordinator can provide you with some contact information for local transportation companies. Additional non-university transportation options can be found at http://transportation.wayne.edu/public.php


  • Are the buildings secure?
    Wayne State University has many procedures in place to make campus safe and secure, whether you are inside WSU buildings or walking across campus. Housing facilities are restricted to residents, university employees, and registered guests. Your guest access card establishes your affiliation with WSU and is not transferable. Residence halls and apartments are locked 24 hours a day and require an access card for entry. Always lock your door whenever you are leaving your room.
  • What about security on campus?
    The Wayne State University Police Department was formed in 1966 and provides a full range of professional police services to both the main and medical center campuses as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. They are committed to providing students, staff, faculty, visitors, and guests with prompt, courteous, and professional police services. Approximately 297 emergency telephones blanket the WSU campus. One hundred seventy-six of these blue light emergency phones are located at outdoor locations across campus. One hundred twenty-one emergency phones are indoor emergency phones, with one located inside every elevator of every campus building. All of these phones are easy to operate and may be used as either a direct line to the WSUPD Dispatch Center or to make free calls to on-campus telephone numbers. To operate these phones in an emergency, push the red "emergency" button of the front of the phone panel. There is no need to dial a phone number as the emergency phone will make a direct connection to the WSUPD Dispatch Center automatically, and the call will be received as an incoming emergency services request. Many individuals carry a personal cell phone. This can be a valuable asset in reporting any emergency or routine service request anywhere on campus or in the surrounding area. The WSUPD emergency number is 313-577-2222.

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