Check In & Check Out

The staff at the front desk of your housing facility will cordially assist your guests proceed through the check-in and check-out process as quickly as possible.  WSU will provide up to three hours of on-site assistance for check-in and check-out.  The number of desk staff assigned will be based on the size of the program.   Participants, who are not able to check-in or check-out during the designated time period, should be noted as such on the delegate roster submitted two weeks prior to check-in.  Unfortunately, we are not able to accept walk-up requests for space by guests whose name does not appear on the roster.

Each guest will be required to complete a room condition report at check-in and check-out.  Unless previously directed, each guest will receive an access card and a key if applicable.  Failure to return a key will incur a fee.

Should you require a table in the lobby of the housing facility for conference registration purposes, we will be happy to oblige whenever possible.