Overnight Parking

Summer conference groups work in conjunction with the WSU event coordinator on parking needs.  Overnight parking is only permitted in Parking Structure #2.  The cost is $8.50 per vehicle per night with unlimited entries.  Special arrangements can be made for the parking of oversized vehicles.  Guests should check in first to their residential unit to pick up their conference card.  Parking privileges must be pre-ordered and will come encoded onto the room card.  Swipe the card at the WSU Assigned terminal at the entrance to Parking Structure #2 on the John C. Lodge Service Drive.  You will also need to swipe your card to exit the parking structure.

Residents staying in DeRoy or University Tower guest units should check-in first to pick up their guest card.  Take the guest card and a copy of your contract to the OneCard/Parking Service Center to sign up for parking.  Payment will be due at that time.  The OneCard/Parking Service Center is located in room 257 Welcome Center.  DeRoy guests are assigned to Parking Structure 2.  University Tower guests are assigned to Parking Structure 8.  You will need to swipe your card to enter and to exit.